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doing torsion spring repairDo you know all of the parts to your garage doors and how they all come together to function? Well most of America doesn't, and there's really no reason too, because thats what the technicians at Columbine Garage Doors are for.

We know exactly what's wrong, and we want to be the ones who help you fix it the right way and make sure that nothing does go wrong.

Our company is full of friendly people who always work hard to earn your trust and make sure that the price you pay is worth the service you get.

So if you do have a proble it could be a number of different things going wrong, it all depends on your garage door specifically.

If wind is getting in or rain, sleet hail, you name it, it could be a hole in your garage door screen, and yes you might notice it and get that fixed right away by calling someone to patch it or replacing the door all together, but would you know what happened if you garage door spring or torsion spring broke? Maybe not.

garage doors being reconditionedThat's when the pulley system up too can no longer support the door and when you try to let it down instead of going smoothly it just slams straight into the flooring.

Your problems could also be with an unresponsive garage door clicker, a bent overhead door track or spring and not even with the door itself.

After a while the clicker starts to lose its connection with the door and becomes weaker and eventually it stops responding, but that can be fixed with a new garage door clicker, or a new system as it might be time to update.

Whatever the problem, may it be your garage door screen, or the garage door spring / torsion spring we are always only one call away at 303-578-9649 and are ready to get you the service you deserve.

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